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Lake Placid E-Learning Lab utililizes the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) for all courses because it is flexible, individualized, and encourages each student to succeed. Study and plan your own schedule with support from our certified teachers.

How does Lake Placid E-Learning Lab work? Students register as Full-Time FLVS Homeschoolers but also have the support of our staff with a ratio of no more than 8 students to each teacher/facilitator.  Core classes are completed each morning at the Learning Lab, Monday through Friday.  Students then have the choice to stay for optional activities each afternoon or can be signed out at 12:30 p.m. by a responsible adult.

FLVS is accredited by AdvancEd and the NCAA approves all of the core courses.

Customized Learning 

Are you gifted and want an accelerated learning program? Perhaps you are an exceptional student that needs a break from large classes? Or are you just an individual that wants to learn at your own pace? Lake Placid E-Learning Lab has just the educational formula for you!  We specialize in individualized, customized learning plans with the help of top-notch, experienced teachers from our own Lake Placid community.

Homeschooling is a Big Commitment...
and We are Here to Help Facilitate!
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Are you a parent that is interested in home-schooling your children but the commitment of time, skill requirements, or keeping a "Pace Curriculum" is overwhelming?  Would it be too difficult to take time off to directly supervise your student's education?

Lake Placid E-Learning Lab is just what you need!  Our qualified staff will supervise and direct your student to success!

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