Questions & Answers about LPELL

How does LPELL work?

  • LPELL will provide a Safe and Secure environment with WIFI high-speed internet connections for each student.

  • We will follow the FLVS Flex Homeschool  curriculum.

  • There are no school uniforms.

  • No books to purchase.

  • Each student will have his or her personal area to study and can be  appropriately decorated.  

  • Registration packets include one LPELL t-shirt to wear on field trips; Student/Parent Handbook; necessary paperwork to be completed with the non-refundable Registration fee.

What are Parent Responsibilities?

  • Register their student as a FLVS Flex Homeschool student.

  • Provide the non-refundable LPELL Registration Fee.

  • Parents will call the public school to inform them their student will be Homeschooled through FLVS.

  • Provide tuition via various payment plans.

  • Provide transportation to and from LPELL.

  • Provide a Laptop re: FLVS requirements for student use and case for easy handling to and from home.

  • Celebrate each step and achievement toward  your student's success!

***  Information about scholarships can be found on the last page of our website.

What are Student Expectations?

  • Students will attend 7:45 am to 12:30 pm, Monday-Friday, working on Core Classes.

  • Students will do 1 hour of independent work each afternoon, (in Study Hall or at home).

  • All assignments are due by Sunday, midnight.

  • Students are expected to be self-motivated and stay on task to the best of their ability.

  • Dress code is "Business Casual"-nice jeans, "purple" hair, sandals are okay as long as they are clean/appropriate.

  • Bullying, Horseplay, and Disruptions will NOT be tolerated.

  • Students must do their own work. (Guidance and collaboration are, of course, allowed.)

What can you expect from LPELL Staff?

  • Professionalism and Staff Confidentially

  • Keeping your student on pace/task.

  • Each teacher has been certified in one or more subject areas.

  • Personally mentor students when challenges arise in a timely manner.

  • LPELL will provide a monthly Progress Report: course pacing guides; attendance; behavior, attitude and effort.  (Any concerns will be immediately shared with parents.)

  • Encouraging and Fun!

  • Ratio: no more than 8 students to 1 staff member.